Skate kickflips onto mobile as EA announces reboot

Don’t get too excited, the game will be free-to-play

Electronic Arts is currently working on a new version of Skate, a popular series of extreme sports games developed and published by the company. News about the game has been spreading like wildfire ever since an internal build of the game leaked, and so EA is now out in front of this information trying to set the tone, which is why it just published a YouTube video where the creators hold a Roundtable discussing the project, revealing the console and PC game is also in the early stages of development for mobile, with plans to offer crossplay and cross-progression across all platforms.


If you’d like to watch Skate’s roundtable discussion, the 18-minute video is directly above. Notably, General Manager Dan McCulloch reveals that there are plans to bring Skate to mobile, currently in early development. We already know that Skate will be a free-to-play live service game, which certainly puts a damper on things seeing that the series was premium up to this point. While this certainly illustrates why crossplay and cross-progression on as many platforms as possible is a priority for EA, it’s doubtful Skate fans will be excited to hear their favorite skateboarding series could soon be Electronic Arts’ latest F2P greed-fest filled with awful monetization .

The roundtable does detail the game will contain microtransactions, but Dan McCulloch claims there will be no way to pay to win, where maps will not be locked behind paywalls. Supposedly there won’t be any loot boxes, and there won’t be any way to pay for an advantage, either. While I’d personally take these claims with a massive grain of salt, I suppose it’s nice that the developer is publicly claiming Skate won’t be ruined by greed, which is a little hard to believe for a free-to-play Electronic Arts project. So time will tell. Here’s hoping EA doesn’t blow it, as there are very few quality skateboarding games out there anymore.

While it’s clear Electronic Arts is still working hard on Skate, where it’s clearly nowhere near ready for the public, the studio also released a gameplay trailer that shows off the game in action. So if you’re curious to see how things are shaping up, it’s still clearly early days, but at least you can get a sense of the gameplay. It’s also worth keeping in mind that the mobile launch will take place well after the console and PC release for Skate, so we have even longer to wait to see how the mobile version will compare. While I’m certainly trepidatious that EA will ruin the series with a F2P release, there is a chance the game winds up being good, so here’s hoping the developer stays true to its word and delivers a worthwhile game that isn’t inundated with disgusting monetization.

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