This guy is what you would call the Number One suspect

A convicted felon robbed a mobile phone store in Culver City, Calif., while wearing an ankle monitor as a condition of his parole. To make matters worse, he also dropped his car keys at the scene of the crime. The cops found the car in which he had apparently intended to make his getaway if he had his keys. The vehicle contained the clothes he wore during the robbery, a loaded Glock semi-automatic handgun and his driver’s license.

HE DID SEEM AWFULLY QUIET: Two men have been charged with bringing the dead body of a 66-year-old man to a post office in Carlow, Ireland, in order to claim his pension.

THIS IS ONE EXCELLENT GIRLFRIEND: In order to bail out her boyfriend, who was locked up in Iowa, a woman, whose driver’s license had been revoked, stole a car in Worthington, Minn., and drove it to the sheriff’s office in Rock Rapids. to get him out. She was arrested.

YOU KNOW, I DID THINK I HEARD SOMETHING: After a night out with friends, a drunk driver, with an alcohol level almost twice the legal limit, drove 10 miles down the M4 Motorway in Llangyfelach, Wales, with a front and rear tire missing. and shooting sparks from the steel hubs.

YOU’LL NEVER CATCH ME, COPPER! When deputies came to a home in Oskaloosa, Fla., to arrest a man for multiple felonies, he tried to outrun them on a riding lawnmower. He did not get far.

THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME: A brown bear that broke into a bakery in Roccaraso, Italy, to feast on cookies was tranquilized and moved to a remote area of ​​Maiella National Park in Abruzzo, 100 miles away. About a week later, the animal left the park and walked for 18 days over mountains and valleys — an arduous journey — in order to return to Roccaraso.

WHAT GAVE US AWAY, OFFICER? Police have identified several juvenile suspects who set fire to a high school in Lebanon, Pa., because they filmed themselves doing it and posted the video on social media.

SHOULD THEY HAVE SEEN THAT COMING? Moments after being sentenced to 20 months in prison on an escape from custody charge, a 25-year-old man escaped from the county courthouse in Detroit Lakes, Minn.

WE’RE PRETTY SURE IT WAS HIM: Police have charged a man, who was wearing a GPS ankle monitor, of murdering a man during a drug deal in Indianapolis after an argument over money. The suspect had previously been charged with two felonies including the assault of a co-worker, and a judge had ordered him to undergo anger management classes and wear the ankle monitor, which placed him at the scene of the murder.

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