Trent Lott Academy in Pascagoula welcomes therapy though

Trent Lott Academy in Jackson County has a new friend prancing in the halls and it has four legs.

A local elementary school in Pascagoula just got a whole lot sweeter and fluffier! Jeana Delancey is the school counselor at Trent Lott Academy and her mission was to turn her personal dog into a therapy dog ​​to bring joy to her fellow staff and students.

With her good boy Zeke by her side, she has already seen him make such a positive impact on the students’ mental health and their counseling sessions in general. “Sometimes students don’t always want to delve into what’s going on or they’re just not comfortable yet, and having Zeke here makes them a lot more comfortable about talking to me or just being in the room, or just sitting here not saying anything, but also getting to love on him because he loves it just as much as they do.”

It goes without saying that Zeke has touched the life of Delancey, but it’s also very evident that this furry friend truly touches every single life he can get his paws on.

One of TLA’s teacher assistants, Rhonda Mizell, says she gets a front row seat to the amazing things Zeke does for the school and it is her favorite part of the job. “When I see the kids come in, once Mrs. Delancey comes down the hall with him, if they stop, they’re done because the kids just keep coming. I see, of course, some of the students we know a little bit more personally, I see such a calmness come from Zeke, and it helps them to calm down.”

Sunny Murray is a sixth grader at Trent Lott Academy and she says she is Zeke’s favorite because she keeps crackers in her pocket to give to him. “When I see him in the hallways, I always get excited because I can pet him. You can go up to him, you have to ask Mrs. Delancey first, but you can always go up to him, ask Mrs. Delancey, and pet him. It just makes you feel better during the school day.”

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