Twitter’s latest subtle update gives users something to chirp about

Pulling down to refresh has never been this satisfying

Twitter’s been in the limelight lately for all of the reasons, good, bad, and ugly. You probably already have a good idea about the bad, so let’s focus here on the good stuff — the app’s improved over the past few months thanks to the addition of a handful of new features, including bottom bar customizations and automatically generated video captions to name a few. a couple Now, another cool-sounding (literally) addition is joining them and while it’s pretty minor, believe us when we say that it actually makes the app a bit more satisfying to use.


As noticed by The Verge and a handful of individuals, the app plays chirping sounds when users pull down their feeds to refresh. There’s a windup trill that plays if you pull down, which is followed by a chirp when you let go, and the loading spinner disappears to give way to a refreshed feed.

Both noises are very bird-sounding and complement Twitter’s vibe. The previous refresh sound was a rather boring pop. We hope more sounds throughout the UI will get replaced with cuter ones like these… maybe a tu-whit tu-whoo for the like button?

I personally like to keep all app sounds disabled since I find them a bit annoying, but these new oddly satisfying chirps are really tempting me to turn them back on. While it appears that iOS is seeing a wider rollout for this addition — the OS is typically first to receive new Twitter features on mobile — many on Android are getting it, too. I was actually one of the lucky ones to get a hear-in before it disappeared. Maybe you can coerce the app into chirping for you as well by force-stopping it and clearing its cache.

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