VyStar members say paychecks didn’t show up in online accounts as issues persist

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – More than a month after VyStar Credit Union moved to a new online and mobile banking platform, members are still having issues. Some said their paychecks didn’t show up in their online bank accounts Thursday morning like they typically would.

On social media, the Jacksonville-based credit union said direct deposits are going through normally, so it appears to be an issue with the website rather than the money.

Spencer Benson said he was surprised when he didn’t see his paycheck in his VyStar account online today as expected.

“I was like, huh, where is it?” Benson told News4JAX.

Others took to social media about the same problem.

“Literally freaking out,” one person wrote.

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Some posted they were able to confirm through Magic Touch phone banking or customer service that their money was indeed deposited, it just hadn’t shown up on the website.

Benson said that’s what he heard from an employee, too.

“She was like, ‘Hey, your money’s fine. You got paid. It’s just not showing up, ” Benson said. They disabled the website because they were having some issues and whatnot. And I was like, ‘So they disabled the website or the website was not functioning, and they didn’t say anything to anyone?’ “

On social media, VyStar responded to some comments and said, “Direct Deposits are being processed as usual,” and “Online Banking is experiencing technical difficulties. We’re working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. “

On Thursday morning, the login page had this message: “Online banking temporarily unavailable.”

VyStar member Robert Sinsel said it was the same message that was on the home page all last month. Sinsel said he’s frustrated.


“Just frustration because I know they’ve made incremental progress, they still have a lot of time to go,” he said.

Sinsel said what he really wants is transparency.

“I think the biggest sin they’ve committed here overall is lack of communication from leadership to their customers about what is happening and the time frames to resolve the matter which tells me I don’t know if they have a final end solution to this. , ”He said.

Some people News4JAX spoke to Thursday saying they’re not really bothered by online banking issues. They said it’s been working okay for them or they don’t really use online banking anyway.

As for the outage Thursday morning, the login screen is now available again although there were lines of a few thousand to sign in Thursday afternoon.

There is still not an update as to when the mobile app will be online again, but members can log into their online accounts from a mobile device using a web browser.


News4JAX tried to get a comment from VyStar but it did not respond immediately.

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