Will cell phones replace visiting your local doctor?

“So the first thing that they need to do is go to a website that’s reliable, a good one is the national health organization or the nih and they can find useful information and find symptoms of hospital diagnosis,” said Dr. Stephen Jeffery Jackson, a former Emergency Medicine Physician.

Something as simple as smartphones can help monitor our health. Pressing your finger tips against your mobile device can check your heart rate and the speakers on these smart devices can monitor our breathing habits. Dr. Stephen Jackson-a medical professional, expresses his thoughts on people using their cell phones to monitor their health.

“I think it’s great, I think the more that people know about themselves and their physiology the better,” said Dr. Jackson.

People are not only using their cellphones to monitor their health. They are also using their smartphones to self diagnose.

Our digital phone allows us access to medical data. With the cost of everything going up and the world becoming more virtual, using your cell phone is becoming a convenient tool for most people, however, some health professionals are concerned if this is a safe thing to do.

“Just know that putting in symptoms is only about 34 percent accurate in coming up with a diagnosis when you’re doing it on the internet. If you go see a doctor that accuracy increases about 72 percent,” said the physician.

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