New Street Fighter 6 trailer showcases the game’s simple and adaptive Dynamic control system

It was previously thought that Street Fighter 6 would launch with 2 control schemes to choose from between the simpler Modern and traditional Classic, but there’s a third option that even your grandmother should be able to use.

Capcom released a new trailer for SF6 tonight showcasing the game’s Dynamic control system, which makes adaptive choices for attacks at the press of a button.

As was first announced last week, SF6’s Dynamic control option allows players to perform combos and special moves by pressing 1 button that’ll change depending on screen location and a variety of situations.

At close range, characters will perform a full combo that ends in a special while standing at medium range can lead to a jump in string and toss projectiles at long distance — or chug your drink if you’re Jamie.

The developers said last week that the Dynamic controls are used with a controller’s face buttons, but now we know it only uses 3 of them for auto-attacks equating to the light punch, light kick and medium kick attacks on Classic controls.

Strangely, however, the information here doesn’t quite match up with what was shown off initially, or Capcom is still holding more information about Dynamic controls back.

Although the controller map only shows 3 available buttons, SF6 Producer Shuhei Matsumoto clearly hits the medium punch (triangle) button, which performs a Drive Impact.

This could mean that fourth button may serve as a combination of the game’s Drive System mechanics like Drive Parry and Overdrive specials on top of the auto-combos.

Dynamic controls are obviously designed around those with very little or no fighting game experience, so its existence probably won’t have much of an impact on existing fans, considering the control scheme can only be used in offline modes.

Having the option available though is a nice bonus for those who want to show their family and friends the fun of fighting games without ever having to take them into Training mode.


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