This Samsung Smart Monitor changed my life (for real), and it’s just $330 on Black Friday

I bought a Samsung Smart Monitor M7 for Black Friday, and it has already greatly improved my workflow.


Samsung M7 32-inch 4K Smart Monitor

The Samsung Smart Monitor M7 has everything you need for work and play built into a single solution, and all for an affordable price.

I’m not the type of person that likes to shop on Black Friday, but one thing I really needed this year was a new monitor. My old Dell 27-inch 4K monitor from 2015 felt too cramped and outdated, and just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I also was using a MiniDisplay Port to HDMI adapter to connect my PC to the monitor, as well as my Mac Mini when I needed it since I needed the HDMI port just for my Xbox. Making things worse, I even had clunky speakers on my desk hooked up to the 3.5 mm headphone jack on the Dell monitor.

However, there are so many new 4K resolution monitors out now that are built for gaming, productivity, or content creation, and it was confusing to figure out which one fit my needs. Then I found the Samsung Smart Monitor M7. It was on sale during Black Friday for $329, and it really was what I always wanted. It gave me a single hub for work and play.

Great for all my PCs with USB-C with integrated speakers

Speaker volume on the Samsung Monitor M7

The number one reason I purchased the Samsung Smart Monitor M7 was because of the USB-C connectivity and the integrated speakers. With just a single cable, I am able to connect up any of the laptops I own and get right to work without worrying about dongles. The USB-C connectivity on this monitor provides both power and data to my devices, so I didn’t even need to consider using the Surface Connect charger with my Surface Pro 9.

Thanks to its big 32-inch size and pixel-packed 4K resolution, I now have up to four different Microsoft Edge windows stacked next to each other when I work, and I feel like I can get so much more work done. And with the built-in speakers, I get quality sound, too.

The two spare HDMI ports for my Xbox and Mac Mini

A Surface Pro 8 and Xbox hooked up to the Samsung Smart Monitor M7

I love the spare HDMI ports on the Samsung Smart Monitor M7. I have my Xbox Series X at my desk, and since I use USB-C to connect to my PC, I plugged the console into one of the two HDMI ports on the monitor. I know this isn’t a monitor designed for gaming since it lacks HDMI 2.1 (it only has HDMI 2.0 that maxes out at 60Hz), but with 4K resolution and support for HDR10, my Xbox games still look great. The display also looks bright, so everything I play on my Xbox comes to life. I never felt that way about my old Dell monitor.

And since I have the room now, I just leave my Mac mini plugged into the HDMI port. So technically, all three devices I use at my desk now have dedicated hookups on my monitor. No more need for me to juggle cables.

Lots of entertainment with Tizen OS, plus a remote

The Samsung Monitor M7 Remote in hands.

The Samsung Monitor M7 does one thing most other monitors don’t and that’s work as an entertainment hub. The monitor comes with a great remote that I use to switch between the various inputs, which is great because, on other monitors, you have to use buttons on the side or back of the displays, which can be quite clunky. I also use built-in apps like Amazon Prime Video, and I can now do that without even turning on my PC.

I also want to mention the remote because it can get you into the Samsung Smart Monitor M7’s many smart features. As an example, I use AirPlay to stream things from my iPad to the display. It’s super cool to see a desktop-sized monitor with all these features. It’s more reminiscent of a TV.

A great purchase

The Samsung Smart Monitor M7 was my Black Friday purchase, and if it helped me improve my lifestyle, others might feel the same way. It’s a great monitor, and while the deal isn’t the best (only $70 off) this $330 monitor made a huge difference for me. There are other monitors on sale this Black Friday, however, if this one doesn’t catch your eye like it did mine.


Samsung M7 32-inch 4K Smart Monitor

$399.99 $329.99 Save $-70

The Samsung Smart Monitor M7 has everything you need for work and play built into a single solution, and all for an affordable price.

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