Alleged New Silent Hill Game Images Have Leaked Online

Images showcasing an alleged new entry in the Silent Hill series have been shared online, providing the first look at the rumored game.

The images, which have been leaked by well-known insider Dusk Golem highlight how the game will have a rather oppressive atmosphere, which is in line with the best entries in the series by Konami. Apparently, these images are from a 2020 build, so the game may look a little different when it gets announced. Additionally, this is not the only new Silent Hill game in development.

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Shortly after sharing the new Silent Hill game images, Dusk Golem has been hit by a DMCA notice from Konami, so it seems like these images are indeed legit. They can still be found on Twitter and the ResetERA forums.

After sharing the new Silent Hill game images, Dusk Golem also revealed that multiple studios are working on this game and that series longtime artist Masahiro Ito is working on the game as well.

I’ll give you a somewhat non-answer answer and say this is developed by more than one studio, it’s a joint production. What I will say is that Masahiro Ito is 100% working on this, I have some art from him from this project to prove it but I’ll share that later as most of the art shows maybe a bit too much.

A new entry in the Silent Hill series has been rumored to be in the works for quite some time, but an announcement has yet to be made. Back in June 2021, Konami entered a strategic partnership with Bloober Team, and it is rumored that the Polish studio could be working on a new entry in the series. Konami also did update the series’ trademark in Japan back in March to add mention of virtual reality headsets, so, with everything adding up, it indeed looks like the series is going to come back soon.

The new Silent Hill game has yet to be announced. We will keep you updated on the game as soon as more come in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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