Illuminarium Reveals Global Push at ISE 2022 Barcelona

A top executive from Illuminarium revealed it would launch a massive expansion of its experience centers globally, it was announced on Wednesday at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2022.

Alan Greenberg, Chief Executive for Illuminariumbroke the news in a keynote speech, where he explained to audiences how the Atlanta, Georgia-based firm plans to expand its immersive solutions.

According to the exec, Illuminarium aims to democratize “extraordinary experiences”, allowing visitors a range of immersive entertainment for events, demos, and other use cases.

The firm’s primary site in Atlanta, Georgia will see additional venues across Miami, Chicago, and many others over the next 18 months, following a successful business which has earned over 15 million visitors across its current 25 centers, it was reported in tech media.

In a statement, he said,

“We can take you anywhere. We’re about democratizing extraordinary experiences. One of the experiences the company offers is a virtual safari expedition, something that would not be possible for many people in real life. We try to make these things a little more democratic so that the world can take advantage of them ”

He continued, stating that the immersive tech enterprise leveraged technologies from filming studios as well as in the virtual reality (VR) industry.

He concluded in his speech,

“We use some of the techniques that are used in great motion pictures, some of the techniques that are used with great virtual realities. In some cases, we’re recreating a new world-like space, which is a multi-million dollar experience.

Illuminarium and the ISE 2022 Barcelona Event

The news comes after Illuminarium teased fans of its summer expansion plans last June, where the mixed reality (MR) company partnered with RadicalMedia to film its first immersive experience with the former, using cutting-edge technologies such as huge 300 x 22-foot 4K projections and 4D effects.

The hour-long virtual safari experience featured haptic floors, spatial audio from German tech firm Holoplot, Lidar sensor systems from US tech company Ouster, and environmental effects such as scents and dust to add to the entertainment show.

The ISE 2022 Barcelona is taking place from 10 to 13 May and has featured innovative tech from world-class firms such as AMD-Xilinx, Epson, Google, Poly, Lenovo, Varjo, DTEN, and hundreds of others.

The event, which has seen an impressive resurgence after the COVID-19 pandemic, aims to unite global firms in the audiovisual (AV) sector in a bid to develop a broader ecosystem of technological solutions.

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